Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Past Month

For Easter break we took a trip to Puerto Madryn in Chubut, which is one province south of Rio Negro. Puerto Madryn is known for its ocean animal life and especially whales. Unfortunately it is not whale season, so we did not get to see any whales but, I had the opportunity to go snorkeling with sea lions. We took a boat about 30 minutes out into the ocean, as we pulled up and anchor, there sitting on the beach and swimming in the water were hundreds of sea lions. In the water they are very friendly and would bite your fingers and hands being playful. The same day I also went scuba diving. Our dive was 8 meters under water. I saw all kinds of fish and sea life.


Right outside of Puerto Madryn we went for a short hike up a mountain, which had amazing views of the ocean. One of the days we took a drive a little further south to Trelew, Rawson, and Gaiman. In Trelew we went to a paleontology museum. Rawson is the capital of the Chubut province, we drove around downtown but, Rawson is small so we did not spend much time their. Then we went to Gaiman which is known for its of tea houses. We went to one of he most famous tea houses in Argentina. It was a beautiful huge tea house. Sadly our adventures of Puerto Madryn ended and we headed back to Viedma for another week of school and another week of work for my host parents.

 This past weekend I spent it with my host dad at his ranch about 70 kilometers outside of Viedma. His ranch is mostly sheep. He has a little under 2000 sheep on the ranch currently. There are also 4 horses and 5 border collies dogs living at the ranch. This past weekend he and I rounded up around 200 sheep to have their wool sheared because they are unhealthy and are going to be sold. We rounded them all up on horses along with the dogs.

I will hopefully post more often


  1. Post more often. Also proofread. Also use your Twitter.

  2. Great hearing about your adventure, Josh! We miss you here in California. Keep on bloggin'. Best, Julie Zurcher